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RF Design

Our RF designers draw from their extensive experience in diverse industries: telecommunications, aerospace and defence, consumer products, transportation, wireless devices and wildlife monitoring, to deliver full, turn-key system designs.

We assign an integrated team to your project, including system architects, RF and antenna designers, baseband designers, sensor and analog experts,  PCB layout designers and verification specialists

From concept to proven prototype, our designers deliver comprehensive RF systems. Designing in frequencies up to 18 GHz, our designers have expertise in diverse technologies, such as WIFI/WLAN, GSM, WCDMA and CDMA (spread spectrum), Millimeter Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and RFID.

Some RF project examples:

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Our hardware, firmware and PCB layout designers developed this battery-powered, portable unit to receive GPS and sensor information, convert the data into a proprietary message structure and transmit the packet to a low orbit satellite network. Designed to be water resistant, the unit supported several different battery types, external sensors, and internal antennae.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag

This device tracks assets and reports data from sensors via wireless proprietary networks. The design is used for container tracking across the world and it is using the world ISM band.

Another project it is designed to use ARGOS satellite network to track animals form poles to the equator. Based on the stability of the oscillator the location is reported with a error of 4 meters.The project is used by governments to predict the routes of the endangered species and to be able to take measuresfor the conservation of such species.

Point-to-point, ISM Band Microwave Link 

This product provides extended range, secure, point-to-point connectivity by transparently sending traffic over a point-to-point ISM band microwave link. Designed for usage in a marine environment, the device combines several diverse technologies into a single integrated system.

Our RF specialists have experience designing:

• Antennae (patch, rubber duck, inverted F, coaxial dipole, horn, etc .)

• Filters, couplers, detectors, passive equalizers, switches

• Under-sampling ADC systems for direct RF digitization paired with high-speed DACs for transmission

• Modulators and Demodulators (FSK, GMSK, QAM/QPSK, CMDA, TDMA, etc.)

• Power amplifiers with transmit power control and transmit spectral mask conformance

• Receivers containing AGC loops and variable attenuators

• Low phase noise PLLs/Synthesizers

In-house design and verification utilizing:

• Spectrum Analyzers

• Waveform generators

• RF signal generators

• Network Analyzer with complete S-Parameter capabilities

• High-speed oscilloscopes

Design and simulation software experience with:

• ADS, MicrowaveOffice, Spice, Ansoft HFSS, MATLAB and Simulink, with connectivity into ModelSim for digital processing needs

• Signal integrity tools, including: Hyperlynx, and SPECCTRAQuest

From targeted consulting to turn-key design, we help you take your RF product to market:

• From system architecture to board design, circuit simulation, PCB layout and schematics

• Component and system characterization (measured or simulated) including full S-parameters, gain and noise figure optimization

• Fully documented Design Validation and Functional Testing.


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